Beat the January Blues with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Beat the January Blues with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Beat the January Blues with Flava Buy Now Pay Later

Once the bluster of Christmas is over, that is when you realise that it is a long time before you get paid again. With most employers paying wages before Christmas it can make the length between paydays nearly 7 weeks. If you like many others spend all of those wages on Christmas presents and festive food, you will find that your cupboards are empty when looking for your meal in January. With Flava buy now pay later, the newest supermarket to hit the UK, you can budget your grocery shopping and never go without again.

Flava are a new solution based shopping service that is attracting all types of individuals, from students to busy families and less abled folk as well as the elderly who are not able to get out and about to the shops as easily as the rest. Flava are a great new convenience buy now pay later supermarket as well as a smart new way to budget your grocery shop.

Buy Now, Pay Later Credit Available Now

With Flava you are guaranteed a first basket credit of £40, you can be also assured that there is no credit checks needed either. Your payments are split into four equal instalments and scheduled to be taken directly from your debit card. You don’t even have to worry about logging in to your account to make the payments. Once you pay your first instalment you can choose your preferred delivery slot, as well as the best payment dates to suit your income. Everything is taken care of with Flava buy now pay later, all you need to do is make your order and unpack your shopping!

With Flava buy now pay later, there are never any interest charges, what you see on your final order including any delivery charges is the final price you pay, guaranteed. Flava have a few more great surprises up their sleeves as well, such as Member Benefits, sign up to these and you can get some unbelievable deals sent straight to your email inbox.

Buy now pay later is not only for those who have problems with short term debt, it can be one of the very best ways of saving your money. When you know how much is being deducted from your account to settle your instalments, then you are much less tending to overspend and going to a supermarket with an brimming trolley, with temping indulgences at every corner, you will soon see that when using credit you will only buy the things that you really need.

Flava buy now pay later can become one of your best assets when taking control of your money especially at this time of year when there is such a long stretch until the next payday.