Be part of a shopping revolution Flava buy now pay later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

Be part of a shopping revolution Flava buy now pay later

Be part of a shopping revolution Flava buy now pay later

If you haven’t yet heard of the newest supermarket to hit the internet, then take a look at exactly what Flava buy now pay later has to offer. Since its inception late last year Flava has helped thousands of shoppers who are enjoying paying for their groceries on credit. Not just any kind of credit either, Flava offer credit with a 0%APR interest rate for everyone. When you apply to Flava buy now pay later you will also be relieved that they will not carry out any form of credit check. As long as you have a UK bank account and a debit card, they will take all 4 instalments from that directly and that allows Flava to not only collect without having to remind you to make payment, it also is the guarantee they need instead of a credit check.

Flava's Buy Now, Pay Later Shoppinng Revolution

With Flava buy now pay later there is very little difference from a normal supermarket with the brands and products, but there is a big difference in the way you can spread your payments over 4 weeks. No other supermarket in the UK will offer this, in fact the only way you will be able to buy groceries on credit until now is to use a credit card, and if you do there will always be interest added that makes your total shopping bill much higher than originally expected.

Once you are a member of the Flava buy now pay later supermarket, you will find there is a lot more than you expected, you will be sent regular emails with fantastic and exciting offers from only just 1p, you will be hard pushed to find such generous offers in a giant supermarket. Watch out for your emails with more information. Have a look at the kind of offers you can expect in your inbox:

Flava buy now pay later has everything you need from a supermarket, just take a look at what is on offer below:

When you have used Flava buy now pay later once you will see that you will you gain control of your payments and you will also be able to start to save money as you will not be tempted to spend more than you have. Do yourself a favour and sign up to Flava today, it will be the best home shopping move you make. As you cannot spread your payments any longer than 4 weeks, no rolling interest rates will mount up and they will not accept any future orders until the last instalment has been paid off on your previous order.