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Amazing special offers straight to your inbox on credit

Amazing special offers straight to your inbox on credit

It is a true statement that all supermarkets will have special offers, but the way they are laid out in the supermarket aisles will be in a way that make shoppers actually spend far more than they intended when writing out their shopping list. Flava buy now pay later have revolutionised the way that they share their special offers with their customers and that is by sending them directly to email. By doing this Flava buy now pay later put the option to buy them or not firmly in the hands of the customer rather than making unconscious choices when wandering around a local supermarket and thinking that 2 for 1 offers or multipacks are money saving offers when in reality many of these extra purchases are out of date by the time you come to use them. This leads to a lot of food waste and more importantly a lot of money wasted. All you need will be your email address and your debit card.

Buy now, pay later with special offers

It is very easy to become a Flava buy now pay later customer to do your food shopping from home and the saving benefits are not immediately noticed but when you start to shop regularly with Flava you will start to save a lot of money against your normal supermarket spends. This is because you will see at a glance exactly how much is being taken to repay your shopping order each week and this will help you to budget your household spending much better as well as not being barraged by special offers that will cost you more than intended. Have a look below at some of the recent special offers that Flava buy now pay later have sent customers, these are carefully selected and sent out on a regular basis so that you can make conscious choices whether to buy them or not.

When you have the option to purchase the special offers that Flava buy now pay later sends straight to email you will find that you won’t be missing the local supermarket offers as your shopping bill will be immediately reduced. Even using the Flava buy now pay later website is simple and much quicker to use than the online supermarket ordering systems and when it comes to delivery you will find that that will be much quicker as well because they use national couriers rather than local supermarket delivery vans who have been overwhelmed at present with the food shopping from home deliveries they are trying to keep up with.