All you need to know about Buy Now Pay Later

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

All you need to know about Buy Now Pay Later

All you need to know about Buy Now Pay Later

Its new, it’s exciting, it’s the answer to many people’s problems without adding more! At Flava you are now able to spread your grocery shopping up to 4 payments without any interest being added. With buy now pay later, Flava are the solution to be able to stock up your cupboards with just the one small payment up front when you choose your delivery date. Flava guarantee you at least a £40 credit and once you become a trusted customer, we can increase your limit and upgrade your account to £120.

We have a store full of the best and well-known brands exactly as you would expect to see in any other online supermarkets, all on buy now pay later terms, Flava also have some fantastic discounts under the Special Offers tab, as well as members only discounts up to 80%. With low prices and up to 4 weeks to pay without interest what do you have to lose but the worry about how you are going manage until payday.

Look at the great offers below to be had:

With store cupboard essentials for every occasion you will never need to worry about not having something to rustle up in a hurry or a meal to feed the entire family. The best thing about Flava buy now pay later is that we don’t ask intrusive questions, we don’t leave a credit search footprint as we never need to carry out a credit check and we NEVER charge any interest. What you see on your final invoice including your delivery charge is the only amount we collect.

Flava are here to help, sign up for your first £40 interest free spend limit, even if you do not need us right now, isn’t it good to know that should you decide to use us in the future your account is ready to go. We have everything from baked beans to rice pudding as well as pet foods and even laundry and cleaning products, there is nothing left un thought of on the Flava website.

As soon as you have checked out with your first instalment and chosen your delivery date your next instalments will be taken directly from your chosen debit or credit card, you will not need to worry about having to log in and make payments. Once you have paid up your order you are then free to make your next order. Flava can be your best option when you are on a tight budget, you know exactly where you are with your grocery shopping and you are not tempted to put things in your basket like you would be if you were in a normal corner shop or supermarket, as this is where most shoppers find the majority of needless purchases are spent.