All supermarkets are not the same, try Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

All supermarkets are not the same, try Flava

All supermarkets are not the same, try Flava

Until now all supermarkets have been the same, you pay for your shopping at checkout in full in store or online if you want home delivery and unless you are using a credit card you will never be able to spread your payments. Now with the introduction of Flava buy now pay later food shopping from home, you are able to use your debit card only to spread your payments over 4 weeks without any added interest charges and more importantly no credit checks.

There are many reasons that income has dropped over the past 5 months, whether that is because of redundancy, being furloughed from your usual place of work or just finding living on benefits is just not giving you enough to take care of your food shopping needs. Now that you can apply to Flava buy now pay later without any penalties written against your credit file and 4 weeks to spread payments it can give you the breathing space you need. All you need to get started is:

This may all seem very simple because it is. Flava buy now pay later are a relatively new supermarket to hit the UK and has helped thousands of people since its launch in late 2019 and have really filled a gap in the system since the pandemic and ensuing lockdown. The hardworking employees at Flava buy now pay later have tirelessly been working to make sure that all orders have been on their way to customers in good time and with all the social distancing, hygiene and PPE regulations followed by the book. Another great thing that sets Flava buy now pay later apart from the others is that they use national couriers instead of just local based supermarket vans that are overloaded and unable to meet the demands of the current climate, so you can guarantee that your food shopping from home will be delivered in much less time.

The unique experience that is buy now, pay later at flava

As with all supermarkets, Flava buy now pay later are no different in that they have some great special offers, the difference is that they are sent to your email inbox giving you more of a conscious choice to buy them or not. As you will know with all regular supermarkets you will see the special offers piled up at the end of the isles and the majority of shoppers will throw them into the trolly without much thought spending far more that originally intended. With your offers sent straight to email you will be pleasantly surprised when after shopping with Flava buy now pay later you will see real savings against your normal shopping. Take a look at some of the recent offers:

Sign up with Flava buy now pay later today and give yourself a break when thinking about doing your food shopping from home.