A buy now pay later supermarket that has all you need, Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

A supermarket that has all you need plus the added bonus of credit, Flava

A supermarket that has all you need plus the added bonus of credit, Flava

It is not often that you come across a supermarket that really works for the customer, but with the introduction of Flava buy now pay later online supermarket to the UK market for over two years, thousands of customers have been given the opportunity to use credit to buy their weekly groceries.

The Buy Now Pay Later Supermarket You Can Trust

With just your debit to secure your purchases you can have up to £120 credit and 4 weeks to spread your payments, there will never be a need to carry out a credit check of any kind and as soon as you have paid up your first order you can order again. Every new customer will be given £40 starter credit but this will rise with every new order, without you having to apply for it. If you want to jump to the higher credit limit straight away you can do this by joining Flava Member Benefits and you will be able to have the full £120 credit straight away and all your deliveries will be free of charge as well.

You will find all you need to keep yourself and your family well fed and the cleaning and laundry taken care of as well, have a look at the products that Flava buy now pay later online supermarket has on offer:

Once you are a member of Flava online supermarket you will start to receive emails that will have your specially selected offers, these offers can not be beaten even by the big supermarket giants and they start at just 1p. By using these offers you can guarantee that your shopping total will not be pushed over your intended spend unlike using a local supermarket where there are offers all over the place tempting you away from the shopping list. Impulse buys are the main reason that your shopping bills cost you more than you intended and the only real winners are the supermarkets themselves as often unused and out of date offers get thrown out before they get used. Here are just a few of the recent offer that Flava customers are enjoying:

All you need to join Flava buy now pay later online supermarket is your email address and your debit card to hand, you will not need to input any debit card details until you reach the checkout and want to book your preferred delivery date and you will never be charged any interest on your purchases, your total at checkout will be the only price you ever pay, and this is taken from your debit card in 4 weekly equal instalments. You do not even have to remember to log in and make payments they are all done automatically.