A line of credit that works for you Flava 0% APR

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

A line of credit that works for you Flava 0% APR

A line of credit that works for you Flava 0% APR

There are lots of reasons to check out Flava buy now pay later but one of them is to start to shop clever! For the majority of people who have had any transactions with credit before then they will be acutely aware that it is the high interest charges that will make things a lot worse should you fall behind schedule with payments. It is the added interest charges on credit cards, catalogues and hire purchase agreements that push the bulk of those with a less than perfect credit record over the edge, not the initial purchase cost. Flava buy now pay later have eradicated the need to ever charge any interest on your purchases because all orders are split over 4 weeks only, and interest generally is only calculated for payments that last over a month.

Everyone's Doing Buy Now, Pay Later Food Shopping

Once you know exactly what your groceries are costing you each week, you will find that you will really start to save money as you won’t ever feel the need to go out to the local shops to get items for just one meal, or have to use loaned cash or a credit card to keep you going. With Flava buy now pay later you will never have to worry about getting into bigger debts, usually incurred with interest charges, as Flava buy now pay later only spread payments for no longer than four weeks. Have a look at some of the Flava benefits below:

Flava buy now pay later hold the same stock ranges as the other supermarket greats they never sell little-known or strange brands and nothing they sell is below par. Just look at the well-known brands that Flava buy now pay later has to offer.

Flava is the only online supermarket that offers credit to buy your groceries, it is the latest idea that is fast becoming a service that many happy customers are glad they used. If you are struggling to find the cash to take to the supermarket locally then for just a quarter of the basket cost, you can relax and fill your cupboards and have the remainder paid up in just 4 weeks.

The Flava buy now pay later supermarket is available to everyone, no matter what your past credit situation may be. There is no need for them to carry out a credit check either. All they need is your email and delivery address and your debit card details to take the 4 equal payments.