A helping hand just when you need it most, Flava

You are GUARANTEED £100 Credit

A helping hand just when you need it most, Flava

A helping hand just when you need it most, Flava

It is not often that you can find credit that does not include high interest charges or hidden fees let alone one that does not carry out a credit check, but with the introduction of Flava buy now pay later supermarket to the UK market you can now do your food shopping form home with a added helping hand of credit that only need your debit card as security. Flava buy now pay later supermarket has now been running for over a year and it has helped thousands of savvy shoppers to make sure that their food cupboards have been kept stocked during the many varieties of local lockdowns during the Covid 19 Pandemic, but that they have not had weeks to wait for deliveries, something that local supermarkets really struggle with.

To join Flava buy now pay later supermarket all you will need is an internet connection and your debit card and you can have at least £40 credit as a starter. Your credit file will remain untouched and your spend limit will keep increasing with every paid up order. You can spread your payments over 4 weeks or less, and as you can only have one outstanding order at a time you will never find yourself in rolling debt due to doing your food shopping from home with Flava buy now pay later.

Buy now pay later, the helping hand

When you have filled your shopping basket and you head to the checkout page, you will see that your total amount will be split into 4 or less equal instalments, you can choose how many weeks, up to 4, that you want to repay your order, and as soon as you have paid your first payment you can then select the best delivery date and time to suit you. Knowing exactly how much will be taken from your account for your food shopping is something that is quite rare, as everyone is guilty of picking up apparent bargains when they wander around a local supermarket with all the temping offers they put in your way. With Flava buy now pay later all of the special offers are sent directly to your email inbox and this way you can carefully choose the ones that suit you. Many customers have commented that their impulse spending has decreased since using the Flava buy now pay later supermarket, and that can only be a good thing, especially while everyone is worrying about money in this unprecedented time of our lives.

If you want a higher credit limit with free deliveries you can sign up to the Flava Member Benefits and you are able to access a credit limit of £120 straight away with just a small subscription cost each month, this can be just what is needed if you have a lot of people that you ned to keep well fed and happy. No one should be going without due to credit file issues and this is why Flava buy now pay later will never need to carry out a credit check on your account as long as you have a debit card, you can guarantee acceptance and start shopping immediately.